Welcome all Seekers and Students of the Tarot!
I have designed this page as a portal
to the best information on Tarot that the web has to offer.

Due to time constraints in my 'real life', as of October 24th, 2002
this site will no longer be updated. I am leaving it as it is, however,
because I believe that most of these links will remain active indefinitely.

Blessings - Mitzi

Abraxas Tarot
Deck Reviews, Articles

Aeclectic Tarot
Deck Reviews, Forums

Tarot for
Spiritual Discovery


The Tarot School

Imram Tarot
Classes, History, Decks, Spreads

Tarot Society

Chapters, Events, Articles

Tarot Card Reading
Articles, Links

Deck Reviews
Hundreds of Deck Reviews

Learning the Tarot
Tarot Reading Course

Tarot: A Practical Course
Tarot Reading Course

Lotus Tarot
Free 12 Week Email/Online Learn Tarot Course,
Discussion Forum, Free Online Readings,

Tarot Art
Dedicated to Tarot Art

Tarot Garden
Tarot Shop, Rare Decks

Tarot Spreads
Over 150 Different Spreads

Queen of Pentacles
Articles, Resources,Reviews,
Reference, Spreads

Tarot Poetry
Poetry for each
Major Arcana Card

Super Tarot
Lessons, Spreads

Wicce's Tarot Collection
Everything Tarot!

Villa Revak
History, Book Reviews,

Rose Fairy's
Moon Garden

Custom Made Tarot Bags

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